What I remember About Forgetting; Best in Show

Artist and blogger William J Mackenzie very kindly visited Eye Candy and gave the exhibition a very positive review. ALL of those involved did an amazing job on a small budget, with very little time. Congratulations to them all.

Here’w what William very kindly said about ‘What I remember About Forgetting’


‘Best in show is without a doubt What I Remember About Forgetting by Paul Wicks (above). My definition of good art is a good idea done well.  Great art has an extra element though, it reaches into your soul and wrenches at something.  It is a rare thing and something Paul Wicks has managed to do.

In photographic forms he manages to convey the harrowing effects that encephalitis, a disease that damages the brain, has had on him.  The main picture on the wall (above left) if powerful enough, but it is when you delve into the book (above right) that it all really hits home.  He has to be given credit for what he has achieved and for leverage something so dramatic and horrible as this disease into something worthwhile. I expect to see great things from Paul, and would not be surprised  if he became something of a star.’


The full post can be found here


Williams blog can be found here, insightful and educated, a man who writes with passion. (But I suppose I would say that, but honest!)