Encephalitis Awareness Project

Hi many thanks for taking the time to consider my project.
Apologies for the all the details, I feel it’s essential I give you as much info as possible.

I am currently looking for copies of MRI scans either in physical or electronic format which relate to encephalitis and/or brain trauma..

ANYTHING like this of either angle is more than welcome.

I myself am a survivor of encephalitis, I was one of the lucky ones; I work a lot with the encephalitis society and often see what a devastating disease it is first hand on both sufferers and their loved ones…

  • 500K People are affected by encephalitis globally each year


  • 78% of people across the world do not know what encephalitis is…*

*Source Encephalitis Society 2019.

The ‘boring bit’ feel free to skip it….
A little about me; after spending over 10 years being told ‘I would never work again’ by doctors I was given a camera in the hope it would ease my boredom. To cut a long story short, an A level, a 1st degree and now a masters I have learnt there are still successes to be found after brain damage.
Therefore I have become quite the ‘poster boy’ for the society; a role I am happy to take on if it gives inspiration to other survivors.
All of my uni work has revolved around the disease; telling stories and raising awareness where possible; I’ve even been lucky enough to win a couple of awards. 

That’s the boring bit done!

I’m currently working on my latest project for my masters degree which will be exhibited in London sometime in the summer as part of the graduation show, where 1000’s will be in attendance. It should then travel around the country, subject to ongoing negotiations as a solo exhibit.

The work may have its own space at Free Range exhibition or may share space with other students work.

The ‘arty’ bit; I’m using a photographic technique called cyanotype from the 1800’s to present MRI images to create a paradox between old/new, past/present and all the other contentious blugh that exists within the art world. 
As you can probably tell, my only real aim is to make interesting imagery, which tells our stories, to put in front of people to make them think ‘wow, I never knew that disease even existed’; I don’t consider myself an artist, more of an awareness bringer I suppose when it comes to this project.

So, you feel that it is something you would like being involved in, please let me know. I will have to ask you to sign a consent form to give permission and, if your willing perhaps I could write a small piece about you or your loved one to go along side it?

I cannot thank you enough for coming forward, even if you feel this isn’t for you I wish you and your family all the best in your ongoing recovery and I truly hope that my story may show you that there are still somethings in the world a survivor achieve and take pride in.


You can find out more about the Encephalitis Society here.

Or UCA (University of the Creative Arts) here.

And contact me directly via the form below, once again thank you for helping me raise awareness of Encephalitis.

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