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Paul Wicks is a survivor, an artist and an optimist.

In 2002 Paul fell ill with debilitating headaches. After being sent home with a diagnosis of migraines, Paul collapsed at home and woke up in hospital two days later.
Seemingly ok, Paul was about to be sent home when he suffered the first of three strokes. Weeks of tests, and the intervention of an eye specialist, revealed that he had swelling of the brain caused by a virus and was suffering from encephalitis.

For fourteen months Paul was paralysed and lost much of his sight and cognitive function. He listened to doctors tell him they were uncertain how much he would recover and that he would never work again. But even in those early and dark days, Paul decided he was going beat what was being thrown at him.

Today Paul is an award-winning photographer and artist, living in Kent in the UK. He has exhibited in prestigious venues such as the Saatchi Galleries London, Candid Arts London, Nucleus Arts and other galleries throughout the UK.
His work often captures the emotions, symptoms, stages of brain damage and isolation felt by suffers and acts as window for others to understand how brain injury feels.
He works closely with the Encephalitis Society, A charity supporting sufferers of this rarely known disease by helping to bring awareness to the 80% of the world who have never heard of it.

His passion and drive to always be authentic has led him to work with world renown professors, neurologists and organisations in order to disseminate the subject; ensuring his interpretations are as accurate as possible.

Born in 1972, Paul grew up among family and a tight knit community in Waterloo, South East London. Surrounded by tenacious, colourful characters who used humour as medicine, Paul developed a strong can-do attitude and the ability to see the funny in almost any situation. This start in life can be seen in many of Paul’s pieces. The saying goes ‘if life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. Xxxx (name of book) is a collection of beautiful and poignant images equal to the fizziest, fruitiest, thirst quenching lemonade you could imagine.